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Anti Spam Movement

2009-09-11 18:17:14 by Orangebeef

Newgrounds has been under siege by legions of spam for most of its lifetime its about time we FIGHT BACK and show those dirty spammers what we are made of.Sign up here while I organize the crew we will destory every spam submission one by one... even if it takes me my whole life I will devote it to cilling spam on newgrounds. You should too if you are smart.


1 . Orangebeef (prez)
2. Retrato )Leader Retrato)
3. USERNAMED (tech support)
4. Snaws (
5. Fleek
6. Lolmetaknight (FLash ci,ller)
7. Kvinel (The Dude)))
8. StagBeetle (Poor Old Spammer Hatin
9. Splatter (bl*m*r)
9. Hooker
10. SONTUK (advocate of MOZZ
11. JoeyBang (1337)
12. SUFFERING!!!!!!!!!!!! (Direct Cam Upload) (cool)
13. Fawx (WTF!)
14. Jehosapha (He hacks spammers)
15. Dooseyboy (Spam Killer)
15 MAYORMCHEESE (**** *** ***** ****)
16 . Bkdude (He makes recruitment flashes
17: Chillbro (Hacker)
18. OMGROFLLMAO (IDK but he can code like a **********)
19. MetaknightPWNS (Mod Hacker)
20. chat-man (PM Spammer)
21. perfectedidiot2 (Troll)
22. CuteAndFuzzy (Master blamer)
23. Elios (Malicious Motherfucker)
24. insan0 (spide man)
25 I need someone to take "Ownage" and "Blame gun"
26. memea (Epic BLam protector, watches over portal constantly for SPAM!!! flash.)
28. (Deputy Chief)
29 OrtizanimationZ (Dragonforce)
30 Levon (Plateguys DESTROYER (destoryer of plate- guys and chat man
31 Chat-man (PM Spammer/Advertiser)
32. lolmetaknight (Options)
32 retr0smash (Deputy Chief of BLAME)
34 CrankyMcGregor (Spame Guard)
35. matrixcowofficial (crew ciller)
36. Wasim (Spame Destroyer)
SORRY my list is a little messy I will fic it up later. no levons allowed

here is a MOTIVATIONAL image to get you pumped to start voting 0 on some movies and sending PMs to administrators when the situation becomes out of hand!

9/13/09 EDIT @@@: List updated for the 8th time. LOL. Lots of new members coming in, thanks! :P I'm glad to see this crew getting off its knees.
9/13/09 EDIT #2 : SORRY I seemed to have caused a little confusion with our member positions. You gotta fight fire with fire if you know what I'm sayin. Gotta fight spam with even MORE spam, to show those idiot 12 year olds what it's like. We're not a malicious crew bent on destroying Newgrounds, we only use our powers to destroy those who would otherwise destroy Newgrounds. Sorry for the confusion
9/13/09 EDIT 3: zzzzzz
9/13/09 EDIT 4: Boy A lot of edit's today! FUCK OF DUCK DIVISION, one more strike and we will blam all your flash plus more. I know your alts. I can RUIN you. No more stealing awards.. just think about it. Remember:

/* */

Anti Spam Movement


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2009-09-11 18:25:07

Spam to me is a mass email from someone in Algeria trying to get back their family fortune, or penis pill emails. Not a flash cartoon that makes me laugh at it's ridiculousness
I am going to create an Anti-Anti Spam moovement.

Orangebeef responds:

I hate spam with my life, and anyone who has spammed newgrounds is a complete fucking faggot !!!


2009-09-11 18:42:58

"I hate spam with my life, and anyone who has spammed newgrounds is a complete fucking faggot !!!"

.....doesn't that make you and everyone on that list a complete fucking faggot?

Orangebeef responds:

No, you must've read it wrong. we HATE spam and stand for the justice of newgrounds

you are hereby BANNED from our crew for that comment and because you are not in character. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ACT LIKE YOU ARE IN THE MILITARY. OK.


2009-09-11 19:14:36

um, no matter what you do there WILL be spammers :l
If you don't care you hardly notice it (except on clock day)

Orangebeef responds:

well u can join and make a differrense................. its a start.


2009-09-11 19:39:36

I'm sorry you don't have enough sprite movies to join.

Orangebeef responds:

i made mario vs sonic sprite flash it was praised for it's originality and special effects


2009-09-11 19:40:24

I'll join but i WANT TO KNOW HOW you think Nauto tastes

Orangebeef responds:

....Get out.


2009-09-11 19:44:45

Count me in! I hate spam just as much as you do. I already know a good target..

Orangebeef responds:

We will make him wish he never messed with us


2009-09-11 20:11:28

...but you spam on a regular basis

Orangebeef responds:

No I don't? I put pride and effort into every single one of my creations and maybe you are just too blind to see it.


2009-09-11 20:56:04

Uh... stuff like this will only get you spammed... I already quit that anti spam shit a long time ago.

Orangebeef responds:

Ill just spam them back.


2009-09-12 00:22:18

put me on that list we muST PROTeCT NEwgrOunDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orangebeef responds:

Thank you SOLDIER!


2009-09-12 04:51:36

i want to join ob

Orangebeef responds:



2009-09-12 10:00:09

I'll try it out. Number 11

Orangebeef responds:

you will not regret it .........


2009-09-12 11:47:07

can i join


2009-09-12 11:48:07

to make it up i drew a poster for us /ngbbs4aab4d46ed390.jpg

Orangebeef responds:

prove yourself worthy..................


2009-09-12 12:58:39

i wanna help make a difference, sign me up

Orangebeef responds:

thats the spirit


2009-09-12 15:03:05

Hello Orangebeef, i will j0in becuase i HATE HATE spammer,,,,,,,,z...... 4chan yes 4chan, yes newgrounds and we need to fight for it,,,,, plx sing me up k??? yes i will be thankful, can u ginG Me ????? ^____________^

i Can Kick Spammer's asseS >: )

for Alvin Earth worm and kirbopHER and NEWGROUNDS, we need to procect it
u will see i will PWN spmmaerz hard........,,,,,,

Orangebeef responds:



2009-09-12 15:10:09

omfg man! let me join! holy shit i hate spammerz as much as u do! cum on man plz!@
i want 2 takje th2m daown town!!!!111111

Orangebeef responds:



2009-09-12 15:11:01

ogm! let me join mang! lolz! down with eh spammrz! lal!11111 lolol1!!

Orangebeef responds:

You don't have what it takes


2009-09-12 15:39:23

I will join this prestigious movement to bl*m every Sh*tty piece of cr*p of N*wgr**nds 4ev*r

but idk what i will do yet L*L!

Orangebeef responds:

the Portal will be cleansed


2009-09-12 23:45:29


i would join but i have schoolwork and shit to care about instead

Orangebeef responds:

ill sign u up anyway hehe P\Prepare to sell your soul to the NG Police


2009-09-12 23:59:32

sign me up.
i hate the lowlife scum fuckers that spam newgrounds with their shit.
especially the duck division
pedofile motherfuckers

Orangebeef responds:

yea they need to get banned


2009-09-13 00:00:55

also i suggest we make a forum to post flashes that are spam so that we can all destroy the spam

Orangebeef responds:

I got one of my friends working on it, entirely hand-coded forum that will kick ass.


2009-09-13 00:09:01

sign me up ma n***a

Orangebeef responds:



2009-09-13 01:05:20

you guys show them hell

Orangebeef responds:

I eat spammers for BREAKFAST


2009-09-13 01:06:27

Oh wait in order to stop the spammers,get rid of yourselves.

Orangebeef responds:

I'll sign you up right away


2009-09-13 01:09:44

can i join i just f*cked chrome's mom

Orangebeef responds:

HELL Y*S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-09-13 14:44:59

'm not in faggot

Orangebeef responds:

You joined


2009-09-13 15:37:02

I never joined.

Orangebeef responds:

You joined


2009-09-13 16:29:55

I don't want to be in this anti spam group.

Orangebeef responds:

Too bad


2009-09-13 18:32:39

Wow you are dumb

Orangebeef responds:

You are dumb for thinking this is real you FUCK


2009-09-13 19:17:38

We March On Against Spam My Brother

Orangebeef responds:

Fuck spam


2009-09-13 20:18:38

Hello I would like to join your Blameing squad.

I dedicate my entire life to stopin spame.

Orangebeef responds:

The words of someone who is TRUELY dedicated


2009-09-13 20:45:48

okay im sorry can i please join

Orangebeef responds:



2009-09-13 22:41:57

i fight2 sav newgrounds,,,

Orangebeef responds:

Internet Policemen


2009-09-14 04:29:58

add me in m othafuckaded

Orangebeef responds:

ready to start your training SOLDIER


2009-09-14 07:12:11

i like options


2009-09-14 07:12:39

all spammer are no match for these options:

Orangebeef responds:



2009-09-14 15:30:21

Orangebeef responds:



2009-09-15 21:50:13

your whistle is garbage your not doing a good job

Orangebeef responds:



2016-08-14 16:04:21

Pls don't steal my format

Orangebeef responds:

digging through my posts looking for dirt on me on this dirty old website. Do not tell my Mother.